Essay on Analysis Of ' The Bite Of The Mango '

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Both Mariatu and Ishmael go into the Sierra Leone war unknowing of the physical and psychological transformation that will be forced upon them. This transformation, their loss of innocence, rids them of their childhood and forces them to endure experiences inappropriate for children. Mariatu, whose story is told in The Bite of the Mango, is a young girl whose hands are cut off by rebel soldiers. After traveling a long way for medical attention, she undergoes surgery and later finds out that she is pregnant due to being raped a few months earlier. Ishmael’s story, A Long Way Gone, shares his journey as a child soldier. While running from the rebels, the government army picks up Ishmael. He becomes one of the top soldiers, known for his ability to take out an entire village without being noticed. The provided drugs allow him to cope with his heinous actions. Although both are exposed to the violence of the war, the effects that it has on each of them differs. While Mariatu’s exposure allows her to become aware of how to survive if ever captured by a rebel, Ishmael’s exposure causes him to become desensitized to violence. Ultimately, the effects of their exposure lead to their loss of innocence. Mariatu and Ishmael have been overexposed to the violence, cruelty, and evil present in Sierra Leonean society and their innocence is lost forever. The war in Sierra Leone stole the innocence physically from Mariatu and Ishmael, but also psychologically throughout the journeys they both…

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