Essay on Analysis Of ' Tape ' By Jose Rivera

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In the play titled “Tape” by Jose Rivera, many people can argue over the Attendant as being a stereotype or developed by their own opinions about the Attendant because the play did not mention the character’s gender, background, or personality. On the other hand, we can see the Attendant emotion by the way he or she responds and the passionate towards the Person. The story is basically about the death of a person afterlife. For some reason, it does not really focus on the Attendant’s situation; so wondering what type of character the Attendant is seem to be the main argument I found in this play. Since the play lacks of the character’s information, I believe this describes the Attendant as a stereotype. In contrast, when investigating the play, we can perceive the Attendant’s emotion, responsiveness, and passionate. So this brings up the suggestions of believing that the Attendant could perhaps be a developed character. However, in my perception, I suppose that the character is a stereotype.
One thing that people could express the Attendant as a developed is that we can comprehend the reaction by the words and phrases he or she say to the Person. Such as “I’m sorry” and “if it’s too dark I would make sure one of the other attendants replaces the light bulb” help the reader familiar with the Attendant’ interest for his or her career, and how much he or she cares about the Person’s comfort (Rivera 1094). The Attendant is very open and makes an effort to keep the Person as…

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