Analysis Of Los Angeles Police Officers Essay

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“ ‘Did you see that guy?’ one officer asked. ‘Yeah, he was one pale black man,’ another chipped in. ‘Do you think he’ll die?’ The response was ‘No way! You or I, we’d die, but not a negro. They’re too dumb to go into shock.’ ” These were the words of Los Angeles Police officers in 1992, in this same year one of the most violent riots in American History occurred. Due to the discrimination of the minorities in Los Angeles the beating of one man becomes the push needed to send the minorities, mostly African Americans, in South Central over the cliff. After the severe beating of an African American man named Rodney King and the trial that allowed the officers in question to walk free Los Angeles citizens of South Central had enough. The already pent up anger towards the LAPD and Caucasians in general caused terrible riots that later created millions in damage. Many say that these riots could have been prevented, but on the contrary, these riots would have taken place at some point because as humans we all tend to test our limits. With these riots the city of Los Angeles understood that the minority groups would not take any more discrimination and harsh treatment. These riots are now known as the LA Riots, riots that change the view many police departments had on excessive force, but did not change the still visible hostility between whites and blacks in this area. The year was 1992. An African American motorist named Rodney King was speeding in the streets of Los Angeles. Mr.…

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