Analysis Of Irving 's ' The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow ' Essay

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Irving’s Romanticism
Washington Irving, the first American writer achieves fame in Romantic literature, through legendary stories such as “The Devil and Tom Walker” and “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” Irving captivates his readers with his ability to twist minds by teaching valuable lessons through Romantic fiction. His spooky story about a “Headless Horseman” and the characters in the story demonstrations the movement of Romanticism. Romanticism is when a treatment of a subject is emotional rather than rational, spontaneous rather than analytic. An interest in the supernatural / mysticism, humble life, and concern for hidden truth make (Washington Irving’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”) Romantic literature.
In “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” an interest in the supernatural / mysticism reveals a Romantic attitude. A creepy feeling runs solidly in the air of Sleepy Hollow and the people help create a sphinx atmosphere. Perhaps coming to a little valley such as Sleepy Hollow, where everybody and the entirety seem drowsy and dreamy; imagination helps man perceive truth. In fact, Ichabod’s desires and dreams do not come to him without imaging them first. Discovering the truth about his life occur as he “flutters his excited imagination” and develops what he fantasizes (Irving 3). However, Ichabod’s appetite for a finer, brighter new life brawns his mind as he lives in Sleepy Hollow. Almost every person there creates scenarios in their minds and bring them to life in tales told in…

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