Essay on Analysis Of George Orwell 's 1984

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In 1984, George Orwell creates a communist society where the government has all of the power over the people and continually exploits in every aspect of their lives. He has the government of 1984, the Party; utilize some distinct methods of ruling the masses that are largely effective. The methods mainly used are exploiting the naturally existing love and hate that people have. By exploiting these emotions the people are filled with a sense of love and adoration for Big Brother, coupled with a fear towards the enemy. This method is particularly successful in the Oceania, the society of 1984, which is a larger metaphor to show the downsides of a totalitarian type government and how too much power in the hands of few is a terrible idea. The people of Oceania either love their leader, and fear his/ and the Party’s power if they don’t love him. Eventually the line is not only blurred between fear and love, but it becomes almost irrelevant. The reasons that this technique of ruling works for the government’s purpose of maintaining power and inequality, is because it creates a docile and malleable population, a nearly free, continual labor force, and an impenetrable class structure that can promote their ideals that solely benefit them and their quest for pure power. The systematic reasoning for the government’s/Orwell’s choices are proven through his use of diction, imagery, details, and language.
The docile population that is continually fostered by the government does…

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