Analysis Of Emily Dickinson 's Poetry Essay

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Emily Dickinson’s poetry in Brooks and Cixous theories
Emily Dickinson is considered one of the greatest female poets to live during the 19th century. We read Emily Dickinson’s poem(s) because her work is short and very detailed. Her topics tend to be on subjects that are presented in the masculine world but she brings her own opinion to them. One of the main themes is her observation of what is around her by using tone in her work. In most of her poetry, she never titles her work with titles but with numbers.
However, in her poem titled “443” it is presented around an unknown character that is getting ready for work. Her recurring theme throughout that the poem is about precision, that our duty is perfectionism. Her presentation of this poem when you read it is so simple, you can set your own beat. However, one may ask what the author is trying to portray through her writing. What is the purpose of understanding Dickinson’s work when she use subjects/objects that seem unordinary to us? Throughout this essay, we can find that two different theorists find their theories to be presented in Dickinson’s writing. They find that their theories lay around the text and format of the piece.
Throughout this paper you will learn this main idea: are there any theorists’ that gives us a new perspective on Dickinson by showing us the importance of formatting and topic idea that Emily Dickinson shows us in her poem “443”. This idea is introduced throughout the entire text by the…

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