Analysis Of Electronic Nursing Documentation Followed The Same Implementation Process

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Change Implementation Process Each new phase of the transitioning from paper to electronic nursing documentation followed the same implementation process. First fellow nurses, called “Super Users”, were trained on the new technology and strategies to instruct novices. McIntire and Clark (2009) define a Super Users as “a class of higher-level EMR software users [who] assist clinician end users with its [EMR] use” (p. 337). Next, paid day long training sessions were set up for all nurses in off unit computer classrooms. During these sessions nurses participated in simulation exercises on the computer. It is important to note that during these training sessions nurses were educated about the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and its financial implications. Nurses therefore were given an opportunity to understand the many rationales as to why a transition to electronic documentation was taking place. Nurses were provided with take home packets that detailed all that had been instructed during the training session. It took approximately a three month cycle for all nurses to be scheduled and attend one of the training days. Following, a go live date was set an executed. In the first two weeks, following the go live date, a Super User was available on all shifts, on every unit to answer questions and provide support. Thereafter, a telephonic helpline continued to be available, 24 hours a day seven days a week, to answer questions and provide technical support.…

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