Analysis Of ' Buy Yourself Less Stuff ' Essay

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In 2007, MP Dunleavey released the essay “Buy Yourself Less Stuff,” a work directed at individuals who move from one new and exciting possession to the next, but never find satisfaction in these acquisitions for long. She included herself in this category (22), which connected her with the readers and assured them that her message, money best fosters happiness when used to improve quality of life instead of merely being used to accrue additional possessions, was directed at herself as well, giving her credibility. In her essay, Dunleavey blended delivery, organization, and substance to effectively argue her assertion. Dunleavey’s delivery set the stage for her arguments and shaped how the readers responded to her argument. She opened her argument by telling a story; a story in which a man thinks a certain car is all it will take to make his life perfect, but when he gets the car, it only makes him miserable (19,20). Almost everyone can relate to this story. This connection lent immediate credibility to Dunleavey, and gave the audience a reason to continue listening to her. Dunleavey utilized a relaxed, conversational tone when telling the story, which put readers at ease and made them more receptive to her argument. The story’s relatability also provided support to her reasoning on the subject. Had she recited a tale that ended with a nebulous conclusion or one which she had constructed, her point may have still convinced readers of its validity, but it would not have…

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