Analysis : Colorado 's Senatorial Race Essay

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Colorado’s Senatorial Race
The theme of this paper will be to give an in-depth analysis of the Colorado senate race of 2014. The race involves an incumbent, Senator Mark Udall of the Democratic Party running against challenger Cory Gardner of the Republican Party. Generally, running for the senate house has constitutional requirements that need to be met. A candidate aspiring for office has to be at least 30year of age, a united state citizen for nine year, and a resident of the state he or she represent. Additionally, requirements related to elections are maintained by all 50 states.
In any election, money is essential for a successful campaign. According to CBS Denver, The Colorado senatorial election was the second biggest spending campaign raising millions of dollars by outside groups. All advertising slots were bought out by the outside groups to run ads in support of both candidates. With Colorado as an independent state, there was room for a lot negatives ads from both parties. Udall being an incumbent had an advantage going into the race with an already successful campaign organization. The challenger joined the race late, therefore, raising good amount of funds is a good way to catch up with the incumbent.
Colorado senatorial races played a very controversial role in the recent midterm election. The race’s focal point for the incumbent was based on the crucial issue of Abortion. The critical Election Day question for this race remains what category of women they…

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