An Interview Home Health Nurse Essay

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An Interview-Home Health Nurse

Maria Barros, RN-BC, BSN received her diploma from Rutgers’s School of Nursing in Newark, NJ. Ms. Barros is board certified as a Medical-Surgical Nurse by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). Ms. Barros started her first job in a medical-surgical unit in a medical center in Newark, NJ. Presently, she works as a full time clinical care coordinator in neurology and neurosurgery outpatient clinic at a State University hospital. She has worked in a hospital setting since 1991 and has been in home health practice for 14 years. With Ms. Barros years of experience both in acute and home health nursing, this writer learned an interesting contrast between the two health care settings.
The following interview will present some insights on home health nursing that may provoke careful considerations for some who are thinking of transitioning from their current work environment to home care.

How Has Your Training Prepared You for this Practice as Home Health Nurse?

For the most part, my previous training has given me the experience in multiple areas of nursing. It has allowed me to transition from a hospital setting to the patient home.

What Do You Find Most Challenging or Difficult About Being a Home Health Nurse?

What I find most challenging is that I am sometimes limited in providing the best care due to the following socioeconomic barriers (a) patients have limited medical insurance coverage, (b) patients’ home location or…

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