Essay on An International Cosmetics And Fragrance Company

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Synopsis: When Wisson, an international cosmetics and fragrance company in Chicago, underwent a major reorganization due to cost cutting, Valerie Young and her department was downsized from 20 to 10 people. They were a small, but unique team that acted as an agency, developing fragrances for brands, and delivering designs for bottles and packaging. Valerie’s contributions included organizational, financial, and marketing skills. She didn’t know much about the beauty industry, but was eager to learn everything about the world of scents and how they are produced. Lionel Waters was Valerie’s boss and had been with the company for 14 years. During his tenure he hired two close friends as executives with salaries well above industry standards and they were also given six weeks of vacation each. Waters took lots of vacations, preferred to look for only one goal to enrich himself and did not care about relationships with other fragrance companies. He was not considered the example of ethical behavior in handling business and employees. He made it a goal to spend as much of the company’s money as possible and was always late for meetings or canceled them even when attendees were already in the office. Mondays and Fridays he was at home or at his other office, and with his traveling there was never time to work with him. The teams learned to work without their leader, teacher, and supervisor due to his absenteeism. It became so bad that the most positive colleagues…

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