An Environment For Learning : How Do You Create A Positive Environment?

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An environment for learning

How do you create a positive environment when you are teaching? What is ‘positive’? What constrains your ability to create the kind of environment you would ideally like? As a teacher what do you do to create or recreate a challenging learning environment and, drawing on issues raised in this course, provide an analysis which reflects your ability to look critically at your own practice.

Positive learning envirinment refers to the mood, attitudes, standards, and tone that we teachers/instructors and our students feel when we are in our classroom. A negative learning environment can feel hostile, unsupportive of students ' learning and makes the students feel out of place. A positive learning environment feels safe, respectful, welcoming, and supportive of student learning.

Positive learning environment does not happen in an instant. It is created!

Creating a positive learning environment is a key way to keep our student motivation level as high as possible. By using a variety of teaching methods or ways and creating a strong bond or relationship with our students, instructors or teachers can inspire learners to strive for their very best.

I 'm teaching in school with students from different countries with different beliefs, experiences, religion and race which are big factors that affect the learning environment of the class. When I 'm teaching, I create a positive learning environment by using a few techniques to promote a good student to…

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