An Argument Against Swift 's Attempt Essay

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An argument Against Swift 's attempt to prevent the photos from being published
My argument about the whole scenario is that Swift would not successfully pull through with her intention to sue or be able to give an injunction to TMV not to publish her nude photos. First is the simple reason of how TMV obtained the photos. It wasn 't by any illegal means whatsoever. TMV obtained the photos from Katy Perry and did not by any way invade the privacy of Swift. In the privacy law, especially of public figures including celebrities like Swift, tort is only committed when the information to be published by any media outlet is obtained unlawfully. The photographs were not taken by TMV neither did they have their photographers enter into her compound or peep into her windows without her consent to take them. The press outlet thus would not have violated any intrusion law by having her nude photos published.
Second, the First amendment law enables the media or any press outlet to obtain information from any source by lawful means. Katy Perry as a source of information, however their differences with Swift, would be a lawful source, and it would be difficult to prove it otherwise in any court of law. The access to sources of information by the press, especially in view of the first amendment law, is considered by most courts as exclusive and without any jurisdiction. For instance, in a case pitting Bartnicki against Vopper, 200 F.3d 109 (3d Cir. 1999), a…

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