Essay on An Analysis Of ' Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night '

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Tale of the Two Mortals
Every human on earth is born with one thing they have no control over, their death. As a human we can do can try as hard as we want to live a healthy, cautious life, but ultimately none of us can escape death. The thought of mortality is viewed differently by many. Some people embrace it with the mindset that a greater after life is coming, while other spend their entire life trying to fight it in hope they can achieve a way to escape it. Authors Dylan Thomas and Nathaniel Hawthorne each write about it in their some of their works. In “Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night” by Dylan Thomas we have an author whose father has just passed and he writes a poem in protest against the idea of accepting death quietly. It discusses the many ways of how to approach death in old age and advocates struggling against death until the last breath. In “The Birth-Mark” by Nathaniel Hawthorne, the author writes of death as more of an anxiety, in which he writes a tragic love story of a man who tries to overcome death by removing a birth mark on his wife’s face. Each literary piece takes a different approach to mortality and how a person should approach it.
‘Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night’ is a structured villanelle, consisting of nineteen lines, five tercets and ending in a quatrain. The poem is about a man that is struggling with the loss of his father by giving him advice on how to die. Each tercet carries a different meaning the author is trying to convey…

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