Essay on Americ The Land Of Opportunity

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“Research Paper” America for years has been known as the land of opportunity. People from all walks of life and cultures come to America in pursuit of the “American Dream”. Entrepreneurship is the backbone of the business world, and motivates people to create ideas and services. From the Mom and Pop stores to our fortune 500 companies, they all started as someone’s passion turned into reality. Small businesses have made America what is today, and contribute to the stability of the Economy. Without our Entrepreneurs, America’s values and the world’s perception on our country would be discredited. A small business isn’t just your neighborhood convenient store, but comes with a variety of factors associated with the title. Depending what industry you are in, you can be considered a small business when a company as no more than 500 employees, and earns an estimated annual receipts of $7.5 million dollars. These numbers will vary depending on which sector the business is categorized under. For example, the agriculture industry “can have $5.5 million to $27.5 million in average annual receipts; one industry has a 500 employee size standard” ( 500 employees are receiving a pay check that will support their families and themselves. These same employees will use that money to purchase items on the market; as a result will stimulate the economy. This is why small business is an essential part of America’s economy and their employees. Companies like Nike, Ben…

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