Amber Inn and Suites Case Analysis Essay

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Amber Inn and Suites Case Analysis
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Amber Inn and Suites Case Analysis
Case Recap
Amber Inn and suites, Inc. is a hotel chain with 250 properties scattered throughout 10 Western and Rocky Mountains states. The hotel chain was formed in 1979, and the company operates 200 Amber Inns, and 50 Amber Inn and Suites. Each Inn has the capacity of approximately 150 individual guest rooms or suite units. In fiscal year 2005 the company projected revenues of $422.6 million and with a net loss of $15.7 million. In the spring of 2005 the Senior Vice, Kelly Elizabeth, President of sales and marketing of Amber Inn and suites, Inc. held a meeting with the
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is seeking a new strategy to re-orient, or repositioned the profitability of the company by creating new guidelines for service for the right segment of customers. The company is not sure which segment of customer requires certain specific services. The management and executives of Amber Inn and suites, Inc. is therefore, exploring the possibility of refocusing its sales initiative to either fit the needs of business travelers or vacation type customers. This is crucial because any change in this regard would significantly affect the fiscal budget for the upcoming year, and consequently the years to come. Therefore a significant question for Amber Inn and Suites, Inc. is, should the company increase the sales and profit by adjusting customer portfolio. (Kerin & Peterson, 2010, 333)
Another major question for the executives of Amber Inn and Suites, Inc. is whether or not the advertising media budget should remain the same, or increase significantly. Will television advertisement attract new customers? The company is also seeking ways and means to increase brand awareness and occupancy on the weekends. Amber Inn and Suites, Inc. has to figure out what segment they should place the most emphasis on, for example: should they focus on corporate travelers, or vacation customers? Statistics from the American Hotel and lodging Association seem to indicate that more than half of all hotel guests fall within the bracket of business

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