Alcohol As A Health Provider Essay

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The use of alcoholic beverages is especially common among patients who regularly consume alcohol and develop a dependency towards the substance. The use of alcohol in hospitals is not a well-known subject. More than a million patients admitted into the hospital have alcohol addiction. As a future public health provider, it is crucial to understand and review the pros and cons of this method used to serve as a courtesy to patients. Alcohol as a beverage is given in hospitals to people who begin to have withdrawal symptoms as a treatment of withdrawal. The common types of alcohol that are given are beer, whiskey and wine; in 60% of the cases, individuals receive alcohol informally, however, in some cases it is also administered via a formal IV procedure.
It is important for future public health providers to be educated about whether formal or informal method of giving alcohol to patients is appropriate. With this knowledge, it would help to promote the more appropriate or healthy method among society and help educate those who are alcohol-dependent. When explaining the different ways organizations can help one conquer alcohol withdrawal symptoms and quit alcohol, this information would be beneficial and would help the public health provider show their knowledge and credibility. If public health providers are knowledgeable, it would help convince the patient and they would be able to confide in the public health provider and the treatment with more ease. Moreover,…

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