Afterlife Essay

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Since the beginning of human life on Earth, one question has bothered our society more than anything else. This question, as easiest as it might sound, is the one question that had driven our society more and more towards new ideas, new inventions, and new perspectives. Is the one question that while trying to give an answer to it, has defined us: from reasonable to unreasonable, from the most intelligent creation that has ever walked on the face of the Earth, to simply: beasts Man, by nature, is a curious being, always wondering, always asking, and always searching for one thing that he does not have, for one thing that he does not know. Always why and how and what. These questions has driven human society to the …show more content…
According to Egyptian scriptures of the time, when a person dies parts of his body know as Ka and Ba would go to the Kingdom of the Dead, while his soul would wander in the Fields of Aaru, the Egyptian heaven. (Wallais,
1906). Egyptian also believed that only a mummified body lying on a coffin was entitled to have an afterlife. (Bard, 1999). The Greek and the Romans had the same belief system about life after death.
According to Greek Mythology, Hermes the messenger of the Gods, would take the soul of a person to the House of Hades, named after the Greek God of the Underworld, and would leave the soul on the River Styx. This place was known as the place between life and death. Once the river was crossed the soul would be judged by the King of Minos and would be send to Elysium, Tartarus or the Fields of Punishment. The Romans shared the same ideas but with different names, for example Hades the King of the Underworld according to the
Greek mythology, was known to the Romans as Pluto. While mythology is old and remains mystic to us, different contemporary religions are somehow more reliable for the man of the 21st century. Judaism, the religion of more than 14 million people around the world, gives different interpretation to the afterlife through its different books. According to writings that were latter incorporated to Tanakh, the Jewish bible, She’ol is the place of the

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