Advertisment Essay

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Advertisements are all over the place. They are on T.V, Radio, Magazine, buses stop and in everywhere, so there is no way that you can’t watch them. Every advertisement has it target to convince their audience to buy their products. They have their own way to convince the audience to buy the products. McDonalds, Audi and Nike, they are different ads, but they are related in one thing which is the speed factor. The reason that I chose these advertisements because it is an attract for most people if they are male or female, teenager or old. We are in fast generation and no one wants to spend time on doing something. Another reason is the quality of the products in the ads.
Claim: Using these products make your life easy and fast
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It is high-performance, fast, luxury, great at gas, and safe car. It makes you feel comfortable when you ride it. It makes you enjoy the moment while you are driving a car like Audi. It is the modern car that everyone wants to have this kind of the car. It makes your life easier. Nike is the master of speed and the master of quality and this is what the third ad is about. Wearing Nike products make your life easy. It makes you comfortable when you wear them. It makes you run fast. The fastest people in the world wore Nike and that’s why they are fast. People wear Nike not just, because it makes you run fast, but they wear them because of the quality. This Nike advertisement appeal to consumers by ethos. Nike utilizes a unique selling tactic that encourages consumers to buy Nike products if they want speed when performing various athletic activities. This ad appeals to the audience by posing a rhetorical question to people who are interested in increasing their speed. They will conclude that they should buy Nike products in order to be more successful runner, and athletes. At the same time you will feel healthy by burning more calories when you running faster.
I think the fallacy that these three ads use is Hasty Generalization. They use Hasty Generalization because when people try or judge any of Audi, Macdonald, or Nike products and they find good, so they think all of Audi, Macdonald, or Nike products are

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