Adopting Mobile Pay System - Apple Pay Essay

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Adopting Mobile Pay System – Apple Pay
David Bushey
Kimberly R. Osorio-Torres
Hitarth Patel
Varit Pornpilaipun
Russell Tye
The College of William and Mary

Adopting Mobile Pay System – Apple Pay
(We are currently positioned as the operations section of a small, but up and coming food retailer. We currently do not operate with the newest technology of the Near-Field Communications, specifically Apple Pay, that allow customers to pay with mobile devices. We have been charged with providing a recommendation for implementing the innovations in the mobile pay systems). Near field communication (NFC) is not a new phenomenon, rather, it has been used throughout the world, specifically in Asia and parts of Europe ( This technology is a form of communication that allows compatible devices like smartphones and tablets to communicate. NFC enabled devices are now being widely used to allow consumers to make purchases faster and conveniently with a quick swipe or wave of their smartphone or tablet just inches away from a terminal. Apple iPhone 6 owners now have the ability to use their phone more securely in a variety of retail and food stores through Apple Pay.
I am writing you to offer my proposal for adopting the new Apple Pay system in Food Lion stores. This new secure pay system is used through a compatible Apple iPhone and other compatible Apple devices and benefits the customer by allowing…

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