Active Theory of Television Viewing Essay

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NAME: Simba Elijah Kiage
ADM NO: 643419
ASSIGNMENT: A Report on Active Theory of Television Viewing
Course: Jnr2223
INSTRUCTOR:Kioko Ireri, Ph.D.


Delivered for the fulfillment of a Bachelors Degree in Mass media

The Report covers the Active Viewing Theory, its contribution to understanding media effects on audiences documented challenges from research scholars.

Presented To:
Kioko Ireri, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Journalism & Mass Communication
Patron, Journalism Club, Journalism Department
United States International University-Africa.

This theory finds its roots in Bandura’s 1977’s social learning theory which states that some prim aspects of television programming
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The theory
This theory to hypothesize that viewers in general especially children are actively involved in the television viewing process and that in the long term, the television influences their actions, beliefs and knowledge about the world in general.
Origin of the theory
The theory gets its roots from a social learning perspective where researchers argue that people learn out of observation with contention being how much and what people exactly pick from the media. (Foundations, Ferment, and Future By Stanley Baran, Dennis Davis 2012, Pg.170)
One of the best contributions for this theory comes from Bandura Albert(1973) who was one of the protagonists of the Social learning theory where he stated that learning occurs through observation and in this way people are able to acquire skills, beliefs and personal attitudes and he summarized this as the Social Cognitive theory and most specifically pointed out to the instantaneous learning whether the learner re-enacted an observed behavior which happens to be what the theory of active television viewing looks to support.
Bandura also suggests that it would be rather impossible if people had to rely only on the aftermath of their actions to lead them into what to do. He then said that human behavior goes beyond just observation and attains a level he called modeling. (Pg.22.) and it is through modeling now that theories like Active television viewing theory find place in research as Bandura’s theory has been

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