Achilles : ' Achilles ' Essay

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Achilles Dilemma
Achilles is known for being the best fighter in the Greek army. He is often referred to as “godlike”, describing both his appearance and his abilities. Striking fear into the hearts of his adversaries, wearing his prowess and strength as a second skin, and a badge of his authority. Achilles was not only proud, but vain, saying to Agamemnon “think of the names people would call me if I bowed and scraped every time you opened your mouth”, (Iliad, book I. 308-309). His unwavering pride, or arrogance, causes him to butt heads with Agamemnon, setting in motion a chain of events that would ultimately lead to his downfall. Achilles’ dilemma is that he is too proud, and must choose between humbling himself and living or maintaining his pride until death.
The man that Achilles is would allow him to accept no path other than the one that leads him to glory. Achilles is arrogant, vain, and, in a sense, immature. Achilles chooses death for the men his fight alongside rather than humbling himself to Agamemnon. He chooses to reject Agamemnon’s apology and gifts just to be spiteful. He chooses to defile Hector’s body, rather than being satisfied with killing him. Because of the selfish and arrogant choices made by Achilles, he ends up hurting more people than he ever intended to, and making a bad situation worse. Many of Achilles’ problems could have been solved simply by making a compromise, something Achilles seems to greatly detest. In the end, Achilles comes to regret…

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