Acc 340 Final Exam Essay

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ACC 340 Final Exam
ACC/340 Final Exam
1. Three objectives of a company’s internal control system should be safeguarding assets, checking the accuracy and reliability of accounting data, and promoting operational efficiency. A fourth objective of a company’s internal control system should be:
a. Preventing embezzlement of assets
b. Encouraging adherence to prescribed managerial policies
c. Avoiding the payment of overtime to company employees
d. Revising
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T or F
9. Data flow diagrams:
a. Accomplish the same purpose as system flowcharts
b. Are different from system flowcharts since they focus on a logical view of the information system
c. Are useless for planning a new system
d. Are never used in analyzing an existing system
10. Three major objectives of a data collection process are accuracy, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness T or F
11. Business process reengineering:
a. Is an incremental approach to redesigning business processes
b. Involves redesigning business processes from scratch
c. Is rarely successful in cutting an organization’s costs
d. Is always welcomed by an organization’s employees
12. An e-business portal is a gateway to outside web sites and services T or F
13. Enterprise-wide AISs:
a. Almost never pay for themselves
b. Do not include many more features than middle-range accounting software packages
c. Are seldom used by multinational organizations
d. Integrate an organization’s financial functions with its other functional areas
14. The “concurrency” concern in database operations refers to the need to convert foreign currency amounts into dollar terms before reporting them to subschema viewers. T or F
15. In the REA framework, which of these would be recorded as an “event?”
a. Hiring a new president of the company
b. Taking an initial sales order from a customer
c. Buying a piece of equipment for cash
d. all of these would be recorded as events
16. Three

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