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CS113: Academic Strategies for the Business Professional
Unit 6 Critical Thinking and Research Assignment

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Please read through the following comments carefully to see why we are focusing on critical thinking and online research. Make sure to pay special attention to the two comments in highlighted in red:
“The World Wide Web can be a great place to accomplish research on many topics. But
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Most pages found in general search engines for the web are self-published or published by businesses small and large with motives to get you to buy something or believe a point of view. Even within university and library web sites, there can be many pages that the institution does not try to oversee. The web needs to be free like that!! And you, if you want to use it for serious research, need to cultivate the habit of healthy skepticism, of questioning everything you find with critical thinking.”
For the Unit 6 Assignment, you will be locating and reviewing online sources to determine whether or not they provide reliable, accurate information, the kind of information you might use if you were writing a research paper. You will not actually be writing a research paper in this course; however, this Assignment is designed to give you some practice locating and critically reviewing online sources — two skills that will be very important in future Kaplan courses. After completing the Unit 6 Reading, conduct some online research of your own in order to locate one online source that would be suitable to use as a reference for a research paper, a source you consider reliable and accurate after applying the 5 Ws of Web Site Evaluation ( You may search the internet using techniques you have learned in Unit 4. Remember: Blogs, Wikis, and

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