Abortion And Planned Parenthood On The State Level Essay

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Abortion and planned parenthood has become one of the issues that has the nation divided and with so many media attention and views on what is right and what is wrong both morally and economically, I decided to focus my project on abortion because they hold the same views as me and also, because abortion has become one of the most prominent topics in our country in either presidential campaigns, pope speech and etc. When it came to the interest group that specializes on the topic of Planned Parenthood and abortion, Illinois Federation for right to life had more outreach and credibility connoted to the organization so I choose IFRL as my project organization.
Illinois 's federation for right to life operates on the state level. Their website is http://ifrl-blog.blogspot.com and they are located at 1300 S 8th street, Springfield IL 62703. Illinois federation for life right goal is to end abortion and advocate the protection of unborn infants, disabled and the elderly. When it comes to my group identity, my group Illinois Federation for right to life identifies themselves as a diverse unaffiliated organization that has different members of all works of life and all political identification but all had one common goal, which was pro life. As long as an individual identified as pro-life nothing else seems to matter.
LFRL uses generalization in most scenarios to appeal to their audience. Although they don’t consciously have a target group, Based off content analysis and…

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