Essay on A Suitable Color Scheme For Your Business Website

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A suitable color scheme for your business website is important to create branding coherent to all marketing avenues. Choosing colors without careful planning, can hurt your business. It can affect brand recognition and credibility, making the business less competitive in the market. This is why you should be careful in picking the colors that would represent your website.

A wise businessman would choose a color scheme carefully to avoid damage to his brand. If you are confused on which color scheme to pick, here are some tips to follow:

Understand Branding

According to Enterpreneur, branding is the “marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products.” It is also a promise to your clients, and that keeping that promise establish your site 's authority.

Branding gives a business a competitive edge against the increasing number of competitors. It suggests what you are as a company, and how you want customers to perceive your business. Every element of a company, including a website, are factors in building a great brand. Knowing how to use them to your advantage can help you business succeed no matter which sales platform you choose.

Know Your Website 's Purpose

Write down the purpose of your website to help you decide what color scheme to pick. It doesn 't have to be exactly the same with your business goals, but it has to coincide for coherent branding.

Anchored to your goals, pick the colors that…

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