A Study on Internet Marketing Strategies Essay

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A study on online marketing strategies used by new media entrepreneurs in India.

S. Vivin Richard Ms.Sri Jothi
M.Sc Electronic Media, Lecturer
Department of Media Sciences Department of Media Sciences
College of Engineering, College of Engineering
Anna University, Guindy. Anna University, Chennai

This research investigates the characteristics of online marketing strategies used by new media Entrepreneurs. This research helps to understand the nature and extent of business strategies used by successful online Entrepreneurs. Nowadays, most people prefer to get first-hand information from the internet. Being a terrific medium of communication, internet not only helps people to stay informed
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Social networking sites offer the venue for those conversations to occur. Online media advertising is ideal for promoting brand recognition. Still, there is no doubt that advertising via online media sites is an effective way to increase your overall revenue stream (Brinlee, 2007).

3.1 Research Methodology
To analyze and find the effective use of online marketing strategy in developing a business online, and to find the effective marketing strategy used online by online Entrepreneurs. Communication was done with the survey method and content analysis in the research.

3.1.1 Methods of Data Collection: The survey method helped in finding out the reach of the websites with their advertisements and marketing strategies which they use online to promote their business, and the ways of impact of the online marketing strategies. And the content analysis is another method used to analyse the different kind of communication strategy and marketing strategy used by the online entrepreneurs with certain parameters among the top 10 online e-commerce websites.

3.1.2 Research Design: This research study adopted survey and content analysis in order to find the effectiveness and the impact of the marketing strategies used in branding any product or the service among the target market through Flipkart.com, Futurebazaar.com and Naaptol.com with respect to international market group

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