A Study Found That Websites With A Stronger Emotional Impact Essay

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A study found “that websites with a stronger emotional impact produced a greater intent to buy.”

Appealing to your audience’s emotions creates a connection. Whether you’re creating product descriptions or landing pages, your team must aim to evoke emotion into your content.

That’s why storytelling works so well. It’s a powerful way to engage your customers.

Research by Pringle & Field found that “emotional campaigns outperform on almost every metric,” including revenue, profit and share gain.

Emotional targeting is an effective way to produce authentic content that speaks the consumer’s language. It’s those irresistible stories that touch people’s hearts and moves them to purchase.

Ready for a challenge? Learn how to transform boring sales techniques into high-impact emotional cornerstones.

1. Psychological Triggers
Emotions determine our everyday decision-making. We buy when we’re sad. We buy when we’re happy.

However, most brands miss the opportunity to develop an emotional connection with shoppers. They focus on product features, rather than understanding the feelings behind the purchase.

In 2014, Facebook “revealed that it had manipulated the newsfeeds of over half a million randomly selected users to change the number of positive and negative posts they saw.”

The controversial psychological found that people mimic the emotions expressed in online content. So, if people read a postive post, they are more likely to respond positively and vice versa.


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