A Strategy For Enterprise Sustainability Essay

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As the population increases and resources become scarcer it is up to the farmers, food providers, and scientists to find solutions. An increase in people means a larger demand for food which will lead to more stress on the land that farmers use. The problem of sustainability becomes a glaring issue that will not dissipate on its own. In the article “A Strategy for Enterprise Sustainability” by Dr. Dennis Mathaisel and Dr. Clare L define Sustainability as the “ability to endure” (2011). “Recently, the term has been used more in the context of “green”, which refers to having no negative impact on the environment, community, society, or economy” (2011). It is essentially a way to provide everything in terms of fruits and vegetables while causing no harmful or damaging effects on the environment. The authors state that it must also possess certain qualities which are “availability, dependability, capability, affordability, and marketability” (2011). So in order for food to be sustainable they must not hurt the environment, be profitable or they will not be able to continue producing, and should be easily accessible. I believe we can feed the hungry of this world while also keeping the environment intact for the future. There are many challenges to why it will not be easy to accomplish sustainability while feeding the population. In the article “A Vision for Attaining Food Security” by Alison Misselhorn, Pramod Aggarwal, Polly Ericksen, Peter Gregory, Leo Horn-Phathanotai,…

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