A Social Media Training Blog Essay

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If you believe your business or sales team can benefit from social media training, then you might want to stick around for the show.

I know what you 're thinking. Why do I need to read another social media training blog? My social media game is on point like icicles. Daily post of cool pictures and videos of your everyday life hustling to make those dolla dolla bills right?

Well that 's all fine and dandy, but I guarantee after you read this you will be able to take your social media game from lukewarm to hot, as the legendary Jay-Z would put it.

Let 's start off with a Forbes study that was showing a whopping 78% of salespeople and businesses using social media are outselling their peers. No surprise there right? I 'm sure you would agree that a strong online presence is a key ingredient to getting your brand out of obscurity.

Now I understand this is an easy concept to grasp for generation Y, also known as the younger generation, but there is still a lot of old school business owners out there who 's online presence is non-existent, and practice traditional advertising (newspapers, yellow page Ads, mailers etc..) or rely heavily on personal referrals.

In my opinion that 's all good, to each his own, but for the business owner and sales people that see the value in social media marketing, I 'm going to break down a powerful method you can implement into your own social media strategy and begin to dominate your space.
Utilizing social media for…

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