A Short Note On The Sigmund Freud Theory Essay

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I relate more with the Sigmund Freud theory. I think we all have desire and impulses that flow through us every day. Some thoughts that we have consciously and unconsciously happen throughout the day. I believe that what separates just a thought or minor feelings from a problem that needs to become controlled are actions. I think most individuals choose to act or not act on their feelings. I do understand to the realization that some people have mental disorders that make them unaware or not in control of their impulse or actions, but I think most people choose right or wrong. Nonetheless, we all have vast spectrums of right and wrong. Individual moral code dictates what is right or wrong and actions proceed from there.
My personal theory on people and counseling in general is that everyone can change. However, no change will ever occur if; 1- that person does not want change, 2- if the change is only being made to please someone or some entity. For example, court system, parents, and partner 3 - Change does not happen over night, with anything growth and acceptance comes with practice and patience. My professional philosophy is that change will come when that client decides that they deserve better, and make the necessary steps to implement change and committed to it. My philosophy is that people can change, just because you make a bad decision does not make you a bad person. Every person has the same potential to become something, granted everyone does not have the…

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