A Research Project On Time Management Essay

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Time management
Time does not wait for anyone! In particular for a project manager who has to deliver the project on time. The project plan as a limitation for the project 's delivery time, always consider as a certain constraint. Especially in interconnected projects-which ones output is part of the final product of the other project-, there will be more stress on the project manager. In these cases the project resources and time bound are predetermined.
Time limitation in today 's very competitive environment is to the extent that an effective time management is known as a survival tool for the organizations. The difference between being a market leader or an imitator is just in the quickest delivery time.
Time Management tools & Techniques (Including their application examples):
1. Decomposition (Define activities): always managing smaller parts with less complicated activities would be easier than managing mass formed diverse elements. So similar to work breakdown structure, the project deliverables and scope should be divided into manageable parts (PMBOK®, 5th edition, pp 150-151). A building construction activity is a simple example for this technique. Below diagram (Zomer Home Co., Homepage) illustrates the installation of a prefabricate house:
Figure 1: construction steps to install a prefabricate house 2. Analogous estimating (Estimate activity duration): Often in typical projects with previous executive history, analogous activities are repetitive. In order to…

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