A Research On Bedside Reporting Policy Essay

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Bedside Reporting Policy

Everyday throughout many hospitals and acute care facilities, nurses are receiving and handing off shift report at nursing stations. Handling report at the desk in no way involves visualizing the actual patient, or including them in their own plan of care. This way of reporting is becoming a huge safety issue and is leaving enormous room for miscommunication and error. Many hospitals around the world have begun to implement a mandatory bedside reporting policy. This policy is put into play to help the nurses as well as patients become involved in the shift report. This allows more room for open communication and safety checks, as well as patient involvement. Among the vital elements were that the oncoming and outgoing nurse visualize the patient together; review medication records and physician and nursing orders; establish patient goals for the shift; invite patients and their families to participate (Trossman 2009). My facility does not currently have a mandatory bedside reporting set in place. Other hospitals that have incorporated the policy have presented with great results.
Mandating the bedside reporting policy would be intended for the internal and external customers of the hospital. This policy would benefit the internal customers, being the nursing departments within the facility. Mandatory bedside reporting would also convenience the external customers, being the patients and their families. Being that this policy benefits…

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