A Report On Adobe Dreamweaver Essay

1477 Words Feb 8th, 2016 null Page
I started the draft on Adobe Dreamweaver. However, I changed my initial plans I had for the website because it was time consuming. Therefore, I wanted to make the task simple and ensure that the website looked professional. As well as, add information which tourists will find useful. Therefore, I changed my plan for the website. Also, I added a map and images on the website and created the hotspot. I did this for all the sections and added information about each topic which I wrote about. Moreover, I ensured the size of the images and font style is the same because I wanted my website to look professional and I wanted to make it stand out and seem more appealing. I wanted to make my website as stated earlier appealing. Therefore, this made my website look engaging. This also meant that the client will be overwhelmed with the outcome of the website. As well as, it will look more appealing than other tourist websites, which is my aim. The weakness was it was time consuming. This meant that I had to spend extra time doing this website. Another weakness was there was technical issues, which meant it was time consuming. On the other hand, I didn 't have the software Adobe Dreamweaver, which I bought to ensure I create a professional website. It was an expensive software. However, I wanted to make my website look appealing and satisfy the client. The improvements I could have made that is that I could have spent more time on creating my website rather having more lessons on…

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