Essay on A Perspective On 20th Century Homosexuality

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A perspective on 20th century homosexuality
Males have a fear of being perceived as being gay because of the stigmatization that society has towards people who are homosexual and because of how poorly they are treated. Before the time of the 20th century, the author and historian of “The Queer Frontier” (winter 2014 article) Dick Lyle explains that there was not enough existing literature about homosexuality for people to be educated enough to comprehend the consequences that homosexuals experienced (Lyle 20). This essay argues that the punishing and criminalization of homosexuality causes a fear in straight males to be viewed as gay.
Firstly, the fear of straight males can be understood with following example. As mentioned in the article on “The Queer Frontier” secondary article by historian Dick Lyle, explains what happened to a man named François Duchesne in Winnipeg. He was blamed for supposedly wearing female clothing, partaking in prostitution as well as sodomy. In 1879, he failed to defend himself because of the lack of knowledge that authorities had about homosexuality and their lack of care to understand it. At the time the goal of society was to mistreat anyone who was perceived as gay. As stated in the above mentioned article by Lyle “ Duchesne’s argument was unsuccessful because legal authorities, ignorant of concepts of sexual orientation & gender identity, were focused instead on punishing unnatural sexual acts, and specifically sodomy, forbidden by…

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