A Personal Perspective On Violence Essay

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We all which that there was no violence in the world, but since Cain and Able were the first individuals that introduced us to violence in biblical times we have just been having more and more or it. Thereby, in today’s time it is no surprise to see violence in violence’s within our community. I have been both of these types of people in my life times. From a personal perspective I will discuss them both in hope of others gaining an understanding that violence has no walls and can strike you up close and personal.
Personal experiences with violence’s as the victim and the victimizer
When we fall in love we tend not to check a person’s back ground or listen to good advice or warnings as to why we should not date a certain person. Therefore, when we do find a person to fall in love with things can go from perfect to bad very quickly, especially if we desire to empower ourselves by gaining an education or a better paying job. Well, I try to do both of these in a relationship and it got real bad very quickly.
The abuse started out as verbal attacks which killed my self-esteem, then it moved into physical violence from out of nowhere. I would have black eyes, busted lips and black and blue makes all over my body. But the worst part of it all I would lie and tell people I ran into a door, I tripped and fell, or that I was in a pick-up game of football (yes, I played for my high school) and I got injured because we were playing without our head gear (helmet) and the…

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