A More Than Modest Proposal to Solve the Ever-Growing Traffic Troubles

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More Than Modest Proposal to Solve the Ever-Growing Traffic Troubles
On average, an American commuter spends around 30 hours per week sitting in traffic going to and from the job that they may or may not love. Commuters in some cities like Washington DC, that is both near and dear to our hearts, can spend roughly 60 hours per week stuck in traffic. Not only is time wasted wasted while commuting, but the gas that we constantly fill our cars up with may as well be flushed down the drain. Following the gas that is going down this metaphorical drain here, is a ridiculous amount of money from an innocent commuter’s wallet. Additionally, time wasted while commuting could’ve been time well spent with one’s family or even with one’s pets. The
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The next up and coming of transportation is a new concept known as the Pod System. This pod system will take cars off the road and immediately reduce the negative impacts caused by traffic. Pods that are roughly the size of cars will be placed on rails that will travel the same routes that today’s commuters are familiar with. People will be able to catch a pod at one of many stops that are located near their home. If you need to make an exit off of the route that you are currently traveling on, you can simply press a button and the pod you are traveling on will stop to let you off. If a pod is not waiting for you at the stop when you get off, there will be a waiting area for you to wait until the next pod arrives shortly. Not only does this reduce commute time, it provides a smooth hands-free ride that allows you to work on the go. In addition to the most obvious solution, this can decrease the burden on one’s wallet even more than imagined. With the new pod system, you won’t have to pay for a car, obviously, but now you won’t have to pay for gas or auto insurance. Putting an end to the use of cars will also eliminate spending on road construction and it will also have a positive effect on the environment. We as a human population will be able to conserve our natural resources, like gas, and preserve the environment

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