A Marketing Strategy For Social Media Essay

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4.1 Intro
A marketing strategy would not be complete without the use of social media. Forty-seven percent of marketers spend at least sixteen hours per week concentrated on social media activities (Stelzner, 2011). Social media is defined as electronic tools where content, perspectives, and insights can be shared amongst users. It is also used to generate connections between people and businesses (Nair, 2011). Social media tools include blogs, discussion boards, wikis, consumer product rating sites, chat rooms, and social network sites (Stelzner, 2011)..
4.2 Review of Literature
4.2.1 Social Media Sites
The increase in social media is changing how people communicate with one another. It is highly interactive in the fact that people share information and personal insights with other consumers (Aula, 2010). The shift in communication is also changing where and how buyers spend their time to make purchase decisions. Consumers are accessing social media primarily on: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (Channel Insider Staff, 2011). Facebook
Facebook continues to be the tool of choice for businesses, with 96 percent state using the site (Channel Insider Staff, 2011). An increasing number of companies are using Facebook to find new customers, build online communities and gain demographic information (Pattison, 2009). Businesses need to be where the customers are and with 300 million people on Facebook, and still growing, that’s increasingly where the main audience is for a lot…

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