Essay about A Look Into Heroin 's Prevalence

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A Look into Heroin’s Prevalence in Paramus, New Jersey
Malvin Frias
Professor Rinciari
Sociology 318 OL
3 December 2014

A look at any local newspaper in Northern New Jersey will show you a plethora of examples of the heroin epidemic that is sweeping the area’s youth. It isn’t difficult to see how this problem wreaks havoc in the lives of users, their families, and the entire community. According to’s Rebecca O’Brien, Bergen County faced 12 fatal overdoses in just 3 months (2013). There are many proposed solutions that law enforcement officials are employing to curtail this epidemic, including drug education for youth in schools, harm-reduction strategies like syringe exchange programs and methadone maintenance, and increased rehabilitative treatment for non-violent offenders (N. Rossetti, personal communication, February 26, 2014), but the war on drugs rages on.
Many experts link the rise in heroin use to opioid painkiller addiction. During an interview with Nicole Rossetti, a substance abuse social worker from nearby Lodi, she stated, “when people’s prescriptions run out but they find themselves addicted, they start looking for pills on the streets. That opens the door to heroin, which is more obtainable and much cheaper. They find themselves in a hole they can’t climb out of on their own” (N. Rossetti, personal communication, February 26, 2014). Once on heroin, as discussed in Goode, the addict experiences a state of mind and body that is…

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