A Interview At Your Dream Job Essay

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n addition to employment gaps, there may be a few other obstacle that you feel are standing between you and your dream job. These obstacles may include being overqualified, under-qualified, over the age of 40 or a sudden change in your career. These problems can all be solved within your resume, enabling you to still get that interview at your dream job.

An employer is reluctant to hire an overqualified job candidate for a few reasons. These reasons include quitting as soon as a better job offer comes along, wanting a large salary or resenting your less qualified supervisors. While none of this may be true, employers do not want to take that chance.

If you feel that being overqualified for jobs is the reason your phone is not ringing for interviews, there are a few adjustments you can make to your resume to fix this problem.

First, give a brief explanation in the objective section or cover letter of your resume. Perhaps you are wanting less responsibilities in the workplace to focus on family. Write that in one sentence to explain why you would like to take this position. This may make an employer more understanding of why you are applying to a job that you are overqualified for.

Next, think about leaving off a few of your more specialized skills from your resume. If it is not important to the job that you will be working, you do not need to put it on your resume.

Third, tone down the job titles that you have held in your employment history.…

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