A Girl Named Ji Ǎ Essay

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Long ago, in a mountain village in northern China, lived a young girl named Jiǎ. She had just turned sixteen, and her family had started looking for a suitor for her to marry. All over the town they looked, from younger boys to older men, and couldn’t find anyone that was a good match for their daughter. The Bīng family didn’t have a lot of money, but knew their daughter had great beauty and was sure they could find the perfect family for their daughter to marry into. They wanted her to be the wife of someone wealthy, or at least his concubine as a last resort.
Close to the date of her seventeenth birthday, she still hadn’t found a husband. Jiǎ was collecting well water when a strange man walked through the village. He caught her attention immediately. Even with his tired gait and old sack thrown haphazardly over his shoulder, she could tell by his fine clothes that he was a man with money. And not from their small village.
He approached her asking if she knew where he could stay. She told him yes and brought him to her house without a moment of hesitation. She politely took his bag for him and they walked back up the dirt path to her small cottage.
They learned that his name was Jon. Her mother wasn’t sure about having a strange man in her home, but said nothing. Jiǎ’s father thought it was a wonderful idea, already having it in mind to bind his daughter to the handsome stranger.
He became so wrapped up in the family he never did mention what he was in town for, and…

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