A Girl Falls Into A Deep Sleep Essay

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Late into the night, a girl falls into a deep sleep. After a while, she has a dream that she is trapped in a dark and dreary basement. She begins to cautiously wander around looking for a way out as her heart is racing. All of the sudden, she hears a loud crackling sound. She hastily turns around to see what had made the noise. To her surprise, she saw a large, bright orange flame expanding out over the whole width of the hallway behind her. By looking intensely at the flames, she notices that there are people standing on the other side. Before she even has time to think of who it could be, the people on the other side run through the flames toward her. The girl starts panicking, but when she starts to turn around and run away, she sees that the people coming at her are her best friends. At first, she was relieved to see them, but as they got closer she could see that they had a look of anger on their face.
By understanding and being able to interpret the meaning behind dreams, people would know that dreams can contain a message from the past or gives them insight towards the future. Everyone dreams at least 3 to 5 times every night (Smith 1). The dreams that occur while sleeping can have a more vivid picture than what a person sees in their everyday lives. During dreams, the person dreaming is able to escape from their everyday life and fall into an unconscious state. For this reason, when the a person is awake their dreams seem unclear, and while dreaming…

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