A Fraction Of Time : Cervantes Family Essay example

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A Fraction of Time; Cervantes Family Being alone had its advantages, no one bothered me, I could read in peace, listen to my favorite bands, and play my Rpg games to my heart 's content. I’ve was never good at socializing with others, to me it was too much work. People didn’t me and I didn’t get people, at least back then I did, but I still feel that way. It can lead one’s own psyche to be conflicted with the rest of the world. This was all based on speculation of course. There’s no proof that my judgment is correct, nor can it be proven false either. It truly just depends on the person and who they associate themselves with. My family has always been. Out there, so to speak. We never stayed in one place for too long. Due to the bread-winner of the family having a falling out with his company, everyone was laid off. We moved a total of four or five times our whole life, with a sixth move sometime soon. They’ve also known to voice their opinion with such vigor, you think they were the kind of people who just go with the flow. Pomona is the one city we’ve lived in for the longest time, it’s been a decade last year. When we look at our home, it wasn’t a house at first, it was more like an abandoned garage with an extra room. It was almost worse for wear too, the so called “house” looked like it was going to go under at any moment, thank our stars it didn’t. An eight year girl was forced to look at the atrocity that was the garage-like house, and instantly like it and claim…

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