A Complete Understanding of Mental Models Essay

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A complete understanding of mental models is essential in comprehending the concepts and ideas discussed in Krietner chapters 3 and 4. Mental models help individuals have a specific understanding of reality in relation to specific situations. With the different social, political and economic situations that dominate the world of management it is easy for individuals to develop their own mental models to help them cope with different situations. For example, when discussing political situations one individual may think of the election as a race between a tortoise and a hare or a clash of titans. Whatever the perception is the individual has made his or her own interpretation of the situation as to come to a complete understanding of the …show more content…
Therefore, mental models will continue to play a pivotal role in the field of management. It is extremely important that future management students and executives alike are trained in this aspect of management. It is important that they are able to recognize their own mental models as well as others and learn effective and efficient ways of dealing with them for the success and growth of their organizations.

1b. The country that I would like to visit or live in for awhile would be Lagos, Nigeria. I chose this country because I feel it is both high and low in context. Nigeria is a very culturally diverse country. Nigeria has over two hundred and fifty different people, languages, histories and religions which makes it very high context. The primary language spoken in Nigeria is English. Therefore, visitors there do not have a problem communicating. However, the different tribes have adopted their own dialects which make it hard for visitors to do business with them. Often visitors have a hard time getting their messages across. These high context situations make it hard for many business transactions to take place successfully. Many business transactions take place by word of mouth because of the increasing popularity of the black market. Nigeria is also low context because many other business transactions and communications take place in the outside market

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