`` A Christmas Carol `` By Charles Dickens Essay

1820 Words Nov 17th, 2014 8 Pages
Have you ever watched a paranormal show that had you thinking if spirits were real and lived amongst us? Today, I will be talking about it in the book called, A Christmas Carol. When I first started reading this book, Anthony Horowitz, the introducer, explained how Charles Dickens started his career as an author. He started out stating, “The author seemed to use an awful lot of words to tell his story, and quite a lot of those words had far too many syllables for my liking. There were too many pages. It all felt too much like hard work.” He explained how Charles Dickens was being too explanatory in his writing and added too much in the story that the reader might stop and think, “What’s he trying to make me comprehend?” The reader may also ask themselves, “How can I understand his writing if I don’t know what he’s trying to say to me?” Then, Mr. Horowitz turned it around by stating, “What’s really great about Dickens is that he was a wonderful storyteller with ghosts, murderers, lunatics, lovers, revolting villains, dashing heroes, eccentric aunts and lovable rogues leaping across the pages.” He explained how Charles Dickens’ best ways of writing a story was based on categories that were in his area of expertise. I strongly believe that anybody can write a great story if they put their mind to it and use their creativity. Based on the introduction, I believe the main character, Ebenezer Scrooge, came in contact with paranormal activities, spirits or ghosts, which would show…

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