A Brief Note On Robert And Jackie Jones Essay

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Lindsay Goodman
Virtual Paper
Ms. Moran
Psych 241

Robert and Jackie Jones had been married for six years when they decided they wanted to expand their family. Both were doctor in there early thirties. They decided to put having a family until they were financially stable. Jackie became pregnant and gave birth to a healthy boy with no defects in a hospital on after the full term had ended. The two decided that the birth would occur in the hospital with the use of anesthetic so it wouldn’t be as painful. They named their baby Robert Jr but Bobby as a nickname. After giving birth the doctors took the baby to administer the Apgar test which came back with a score of 9. The new baby scored a two a one on appearance as his limbs were blue but his body was pink. His pulse was rapid, he was crying and coughing, and he was strong (Moran, 2014).
A few days later the family was discharged from the hospital and went home to bond with their baby. Jackie decided that she would breastfeed because she read it is healthier, easier to digest for the baby, lowers his risk of becoming obese, lowers allergic reaction, may lower his risks of SIDS, and many more bonuses (Moran, 2014). She decided that she would breastfeed only for the first six weeks and later introduce other forms of food when older ( Moran, 2014). The family was also into protecting the environment so they decided to use cloth diapers as the pros outweighed the cons to using disposable diapers. A few months before the baby…

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