A Brief Note On Discrimination Toward African Americans Essay

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Discrimination Toward African Americans
African Americans have always been subjected to inequality and discrimination since the seventeenth century. Between the early seventeenth century and eighteenth century, slavery had been fairly common. As a result, many people never treated African Americans fairly because people often identified African Americans as slaves, regardless if they were free or not. By the end of the eighteenth century, slavery was beginning to be abolished, but only in the northern part of the United States. From the years 1789 to 1831, as free African Americans started to increase in amount, they sought and struggled for economic and political rights and also tried to defend them, while African American slaves showed resistance to their landowners.
From 1789 to 1803, African Americans had little to no rights. During this time, the Naturalization Act of 1790 limited citizenship to only free white men (Jones, et al. 224). In addition, state legislatures passed laws that further limited the rights for African Americans (Jones, et al. 225). The northern states were also in the process of abolishing slavery. With the slaves freed from their owners, many of them had a difficult time living independently (Jones, et al. 225). Even though they were free, they were still severely limited in the types of work that they could do and were often finding themselves doing similar work to slaves or servants. In the early 1790s, the first independent church, St. Thomas…

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