A Article By Nancy Bombaci Addresses The Possibility The Famous Author, Gertrude. Stein

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A 2011 article by Nancy Bombaci addresses the possibility the famous author, Gertrude

Stein, having autism. Bombaci states that Stein is often referred to as a “loose cannon,” and

claims that many of her writings occur in a style which matches the speech pattern of those with

autism. Whether or not Stein actually has autism, however, it not stated. Autism typically causes

extremely specific character traits, being hyper-attention and intelligence. Though autism has

different effects on the brain of each person, the most prominent is the overall high intelligence


Reading Stein’s essays can be both confusing and overwhelming, causing distress in its

readers. The same can be said for conversations with people having autism. Though typically

autism causes social anxiety, the conversations between persons with autism and persons without

may be extremely difficult for the persons without, simply because they may not be at the level

of intelligence and intellectual thinking as those with.

Stein uses many references to males in her writing. Autism is considered a “males

disease,” due to the fact it is more prominent in the male species. Stein’s work “The First

Reader” has many examples of obsessive and hyper-focused behavior. One boy spends his entire

day counting the letter w, while another was engrossed in measurement. “He measured his hair,

he measured his share of a pear, he measured his feet” were the examples used to describe the


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