3 Types of Gases Essays

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In the fluffy white clouds, up in the atmosphere, there once was a water molecule named Drip-drop. Drip-drop has been with other molecules for as long as he could remember. They are happily contented with just lying on their backs, soaking up the warm sunlight.
Sometimes Drip-drop would sigh and hope for an adventure to come his way. “I wish there’s something else to do here,” he sometimes muttered to himself. Nothing seems to bother their simple and comfortable lives up there in the heavens until one day.

Drip-drop remembered taking his usual place under the sun, which seemed to be not as bright as the normal sun he was used to. As Drip-drop watched the other clouds around him grew darker and darker, he panicked. He became more
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What’s yours?” said the water molecule.

“Hi,” said Drip-drop again. “I’m Drip-drop. What just happened? What is rain? I want to go home now. Can you please help me get back to my cloud?” he asked.

“Oh, it was your first time,” exclaimed Droplet. “Rain is what just happened. We, water molecules, up in the clouds, had too much sunlight and the clouds could not hold us all together anymore. That’s why they let us go. It’s called precipitation. That’s when we fall down from the sky, this time in the form of rain. But sometimes, we can fall as snow, hail or sleet, depending on the temperature,” explained Droplet.

“I see,” answered Drip-drop but he still didn’t feel okay even if he now knew about what happened. He still wanted to go home. “Can we still go back home, Droplet?” he asked with anticipation.

“Of course! It’s a cycle,” said Droplet with a big grin.

Drip-drop smiled widely with hope and asked how.

“Just stay with me and I will guide you through it,” answered Droplet.

Few moments had passed and the rain stopped and Drip-drop saw the sun again. He was about to ask Droplet another question when he suddenly felt he was being pulled to the ground. Droplet held his hand and told him to relax. Drip-drop tried to relax but was bothered by the other water molecules around him who seemed to dissolve into the air.

“They’re going to be fine. It’s just evaporation. Look, they can fly now,” said Droplet and pointed to the water molecules that became air

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